About Knietraining.nl

Knietraining.nl started in 2021 from Smit Online Marketing.

My name is Jeroen Smit. I found Kneesovertoesguy’s videos on Youtube in early 2021. As a basketball player, now over 40, knee problems were always present, never very serious, and I wanted to keep it that way!

As a teenager I therefore spent quite a lot of time at Physiotherapists. Always an annoying pain after training and games. The older I got, the less easily this stayed away. Strength training has helped me for a long time, so that I was able to exercise reasonably without any complaints. Dunking was doable for me (1.83cm), so the strength training also had certain advantages, my jumping power has always been high.

Found the videos on YouTube in 2021 and started working with them, just at home, without tools. When I noticed that it worked well for me, I started looking for products that I wanted to use with it. They just couldn’t be found unfortunately.

My Online Marketing Business was quite busy, so I didn’t have time to set up this site myself. In the spring of 2021, Wout started as an intern with me. Together we made an action plan and he did a lot of work to get the webshop live. We really started in the summer of 2021.

Made in Holland

We have everything made in the Netherlands. So we don’t get anything from China. This gives us a better grip on production, we can have new products developed and made more quickly and we help local entrepreneurs. This way is also a lot more sustainable, our products do not have to travel halfway around the world with a cargo ship and are made in workshops that comply with European rules.

For example, we use sheltered workshops for our Slant Boards. People with disabilities work here, who really want to make beautiful things and really enjoy being able to perform the same actions. In this way we keep costs low, we help this group with a nice recurring project and we can deliver faster due to local production. Products from China are often comparable in price due to transport costs, but have a delivery time of 3-4 months and are made by underpaid employees.

Our goal

Our goal is to help people live and exercise with less physical discomfort. We make high quality products by local craftsmen inspired by Kneesovertoesguy’s training method on Youtube and Instagram.

We now deliver to all EU countries, partly because there has been a demand for it, and comparable products are not for sale in those countries either.

My personal goal is to be able to continue exercising injury and pain free and if I still succeed, I would like to get back the feeling that dunking is still possible. That’s what I’m training for with our products and hopefully in a few weeks/months I can reach that goal!