ATG training products Europe

We are big fans of the ATG training program. However, many ATG Training Products that are used were not for sale, or with very high shipping costs.

That is the reason that we have a number of products made in the Netherlands and sold online. We ship to all the EU countries!

Below is an overview of our products. Are you missing something? Let us know:

With the ATG training program from Ben Patrick you can solve complaints such as knee pain or shin splints with a number of simple exercises.

The exercises are easy to perform at home or at the gym. You can start at any level and build up to the level you want.

The ATG training program is therefore for everyone. Whether you are 70 years old and want to be able to walk smoothly for years to come, or you are a top athlete who wants to get the most out of his or her body. The principle applies to both and both can carry out this program at their own level.