What do our customers say about our products, service and exercises?

Perhaps you are still unsure whether our products are of good quality or whether our exercises are effective for your problem? Maybe the reviews below can help convince you!

We started with this website and making our products because of the good experience we have with the Kneesovertoesguy program on Youtube. watch his videos especially for more information.

The Shin Trainer is simple, but a ‘must have’ in the gym. Training the tibialis (muscle on the shin) is often forgotten, but for many people it can make a huge difference in their movement.

We use the Shin Trainer to make the lower legs stronger for runners, among others, but also to improve ankle mobility.

Reduced ankle mobility is very common nowadays. This affects how the body moves. For example, you see problems arising when squatting. It’s difficult to stay upright. A common solution is to raise the heels to compensate for this, but this does not address the root of the problem. By making the tibialis stronger you often see a quick improvement in ankle mobility and therefore a better squat. The Shin Trainer is really a godsend for that. You can train the tibialis very easily and make sure you do this progressively.

So if you have problems with ankle mobility or just like to run, a Shin Trainer is really indispensable. ”

Ruben, Undisputed Utrecht


I am very satisfied with the quality of the products, it helps me with various flexibility exercises. The fact that the products are made locally also appeals to me. This way we burden nature a little less.

I can recommend everyone to get started with the Knee Training products to get stronger and increase your mobility

@hildersonjoachim on Instagram

I am very happy with your insanely good products. It helps me a lot in achieving my goals.

Saskia van Gelder on Instagram

With the exercises for my foot drop that I have done a lot, my complaints have completely disappeared!

I first went to a physio, but that only helped to a limited extent. With the exercises of knee training I noticed results much faster and I can now move complaints-free again! thank you!

Aad Maarsen

In addition, we recently received attention in the NRC about the exercises we recommend to jump higher

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