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Slant Board

Most important tool to train your knees so that you no longer have pain in your knees. This Slant Board can be used at home, at the gym and is also widely used by physiotherapists.

Knee training slant board can be loaded up to +250kg

Slant Board is also known as: Incline Slant Board, Incline Board, Knee Board, Pro Slant Board, Wig Wedge.

✓ High quality, made in the Netherlands!

✓ Fast delivery in the all EU countries

Afmetingen Slant Board

40 x 30 x 12 cm – Angle is about 21 degrees

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Voordelen van gebruik van een Fitness Slant Board

  • Improve your posture during squats

    With a Slant Board you can keep your back completely straight and only really lift your legs. Better posture = less chance of injury!

  • Train the full movement in squats

    By training the full movement you will also become stronger in the full movement and this can prevent injuries in the future.

  • Different exercises for specific muscles

    By focusing on specific muscles, you make the total stronger and less prone to injury.

  • Stretch for more flexibility

    With a Slant Board you can stretch very specifically for more flexibility of the ankle, calf, knee, hamstringand hip. If you are more flexible, you reduce the chance of injuries.

  • Loadable up to +250kg

    This Slant Board can drive a car over it. The design ensures that it can withstand a load of more than 250 kg.

  • Made in the Netherlands

    This Slant Board is completely made in the Netherlands. We have the wood made to measure and put together in a sheltered workshop.

When do you use a Slant Board?

There are several problems that you can prevent or fix with a slant board. Below are some common problems:

In addition to making your thigh muscles stronger, it can also be used for effective stretching. This way you can make the calf and hamstringmore flexible, reducing the chance of a muscle tear.

Why does a Slant Board work so well?

A Slant Board, also called an incline board,helps you to make a full knee bend much easier without putting extra strain on your back. You can do a full knee bend with the main focus on your knee. In a “normal squat” a large part goes to the hip and back.

Due to the full bending of your knee, your joint becomes more and more flexible. The fluid in the knee reaches all places and ensures that your joint recovers faster and better. De spieren en pezen worden sterker waardoor je knie steeds meer belasting aan kan, iets wat zorgt dat pijn zal verdwijnen.

You can make the exercises as easy or difficult as possible, according to your wishes. If you can’t do a full bend yet, go as far as you feel comfortable (and don’t feel pain). You can support yourself with your hands by, for example, holding a chair or table. Build this up until you can do a full knee bend without support.

You will be amazed at the result!