Shin Trainer Solo (50mm)

With the Shin Trainer Solo you train the Tibialis and the ankle. The tibialis is the muscle at the front of your lower leg (shin bone). By training this muscle more strongly you can prevent knee pain, prevent shin splints, get stronger ankles and recover faster after an ankle injury.

The Shin Trainer Solo 50mm is suitable for 50mm discs


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Voordelen van de Shin Trainer Solo

  • Strengthen your Tibialis against knee pain

    If you suffer from pain in the bottom of your knee, training your tibialis can help. This ensures that your knee is less stressed during running and jumping.

  • Prevent Shin Splint

    Shin Splint is the overload of the shin bone. If you make that muscle stronger you prevent overload, your shin can just handle more!

  • Make your ankle stronger!

    The Tibialis runs over your shin to your ankle and then over your foot and to the side of your ankle. By training the Tibialis you make your ankle much stronger.

  • Make your ankle more flexible

    Increase the mobility of your ankle with the Shin Trainer Solo. Because you can train per foot, you can train all movements = make it stronger and more flexible

  • Loadable up to 50kg

    With the Shin Trainer Solo we use a percentage of your body weight as a goal (top sport 10-15%). The load capacity is much greater, so very durable!

  • Made in the Netherlands!

    The Shin Trainer Solo is made entirely in the Netherlands from stainless steel (stainless steel). This allows us to maintain a short delivery time.

When do you use a Shin Trainer Solo?

There are several reasons to use the Shin Trainer solo. Below are a few examples:

With the Shin Trainer solo your ankle gets stronger over a larger movement. This kind ensures that your mobility increases. This can certainly contribute to improving sports performance, also among top athletes!

Why does a Shin Trainer Solo work so well?

A Shin Trainer Solo works well because you can focus exactly on the muscles and tendons that you want to strengthen. In addition, you can very well keep an eye on the progress. You work with weights that you can build up slowly, just like with a squat, for example.

The Shin Trainer Solo ensures that you become stronger in a larger movement. This allows you to make progress in other exercises as well. For example, the squat can go deeper without the load going more to the back than to the legs.

Anyone can start with the Shin Trainer Solo, whether you put weight on it or without a start, the exercise can be adapted to every level.